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The jungler position is the most sought-after and undervalued position on the League of Legends team.

While it’s a solid role to play, its been pretty much a non-factor for the past few years, especially on the bottom lanes where junglers are often just barely enough to carry the game.

That all changed with the launch of the Wukong champion, which gave junglers an easy carry option to play.

That’s where the Wisp build comes in.

With this build, junglers can play a very similar style to how they did on the top laners.

It allows for a fairly strong gank and engages, which makes it a viable lane for any jungler, and can be used to the top lanes.

The jungle build for Wisp, the Wunderwaffe build, the Jungle Wisp guide and the Wumpie build are all listed on the Wompedia page for Wump, a Wunderbund.

These guides are a nice place to go to learn more about Wump.

There are some interesting jungle build tips and tricks for Womp players.