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The free word processor is getting a fresh update that includes new features and a better interface.

The new version comes with a new theme, improved search engine, better fonts, improved performance, and support for Google Translate.

WordBuilder also has a number of other improvements.

It now supports AppleScript and is the first free wordprocessor to support the Google Translator.

Wordbuilder also has support for Unicode, and it now allows users to search for words in English using the new feature of the search box in the word panel.

Word Builder also now supports Google Translations, which is an added feature to WordBuilder that will be available for all WordBuilder users.

You can check out the new update here.

WordBuilder will be the only word processor that supports Unicode support.

Word and Docs users can still use WordBuilder with the latest version of Google Translated, which includes support for all of Google’s native languages.

If you want to continue using WordBuilder as a standalone word processor, the updated version of WordBuilder is still available on the Google Play Store for free.