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The New York Post, one of the nation’s biggest newspapers, was quick to publish an article about the sexual harassment allegations against the CEO of a competitor and his successor, even though a female employee told the Post she had been fired for a similar reason, a source familiar with the situation told the Wall Street Journal.

The New Yorker, the most widely read paper in the United States, reported Friday that the female employee, who declined to be named, told the newspaper in a letter that she was told to get off the job after a colleague raised concerns about her performance.

She was told that if she ever tried to make any allegations about her boss, she would be fired.

But the article said the employee’s allegations were made in a confidential memo sent to the paper’s managing editor.

It said she told the editor that she had a sexual relationship with a co-worker, and that she felt the company should be “safer” by firing the female colleague and bringing in a new CEO.

The article said a former female colleague of hers also shared her story in an anonymous email.

The Times reported that the woman who spoke to the newspaper said she worked in an office in Manhattan and a cubicle in San Francisco, and the cubicle was in a building owned by a rival company, which is owned by The New Yorker.

She said she did not know whether The New Republic had a similar relationship with another employee.

The woman told the New York newspaper that her boss made sexual advances toward her and suggested that he could “get me a drink or two” at a restaurant.

She also said that she told her boss about her relationship with the female co-founder, but that she didn’t want to say anything about it because she was afraid of retaliation.

The woman also told the paper that she never spoke up about her own behavior.

In an interview with the New Yorker on Friday, a New York-based co-CEO of The New Journal, a rival publication, said he did not think The New England Journal of Medicine, which covers Boston, would have published the story.

In an email to the New England Herald, he said he was “disappointed” that The New American had published the article.

“I think the New Journal is going to have a hard time with this,” he wrote.

“It’s a good story and they were a big part of the story.”

A woman told The Wall Street Times that the article about The New Jersey Journal’s CEO and co-owner, the owner of a local news channel, was “bizarre” and “disgusting.”

The woman said the woman had worked for him for 10 years, including two years as a reporter for The New English.

She told the Times that she left his company when he began to harass her.

The newspaper said it has “deep concerns” about the employee and her relationship to The New New Yorker.

“I’m sure that they have deep concerns,” she said.

“I think they’re just trying to find the right story.”

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