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NZXT is building a new line of all-purpose desktop computers, and it’s launching a pair of all new Xero systems.

The new Xeros are based on the same platform as its Xero X2, but will be powered by a completely different processor.

The Xeros will offer NZXT customers two processors with 32 cores each, each with 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

New CPUs in the lineup will also be available with the Xero brand, which means NZXT can use the name on its new Xerath computers.

The other two new Xers, the Xeros 2 and Xeros 3, will offer a similar, if slightly smaller, form factor, but they will use a much faster AMD X399 CPU.

NZXT says the new Xros will be more than two times faster than the Xers already in the line.

The difference between the two new systems is that the Xeras will offer all-around lower power consumption, the new CPU will have much higher overclocking capability, and there will be a new graphics option in the X-series.

The latest Xeros won’t have any storage options.

NZxt has already announced the new system will have an Intel Core i5-5200U processor, but the company is also announcing the Xerts will have a Core i7-4700U CPU in the base-line version.

NZX said it had been able to achieve the same performance gains on the Xercs that it achieved on the current Xeros with its Xeros X2 and Xeros 2, but said it has been working on a new Xert for the new line.


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