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Microsoft is spending big on its language efforts, and the language that it is building for its Windows developers isn’t even native.

According to a post on the Microsoft Developer Blog, Microsoft is developing a “full-stack” programming language that will be used to build the HoloLens headset, the company’s first augmented reality system.

The language will also be used for building applications for the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft’s next-generation mobile operating system.

Microsoft is hoping that its HoloLens developer kit, known as the HoloStudio, will help developers get up and running with the language, which will be developed with support from Google, Mozilla, and others.

The company has also been making efforts to develop HoloLens apps for other platforms, including the Xbox and Windows 8.

Microsoft has already built a HoloLens app for Windows 10 Mobile and is now working on an SDK for Android that will allow developers to use the software on their devices.