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The latest edition of PC builder, iRobot, has revealed the winners of its annual Build Your Own competition, which awards the best custom PC builder.

The competition, named Build Your Way, was launched last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first edition of the contest.

The top three PC builders from the past 10 years were Bob the Builder, AIGA and iRobos, with each of the other two winners receiving one of two awards.

The Top Three Builders Awards: Top 3 Custom Builders (2015)Bob the Builder Bob, a German builder with an emphasis on building custom PCs, has won the Build Your You Build Your World award for his custom PCs.

The design firm, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, has produced custom PCs for the likes of Apple and Sony.

Bob is also the author of a new book about PC building called Build Your House.AIGA is one of the world’s most well-known PC builders, with its first custom PC, the Apple PC, being unveiled last year.

The company also makes custom PCs based on AMD’s Ryzen architecture, and recently released a custom-built Macbook Pro for Windows.

The iRobots custom PCs have also been featured in popular gaming magazines such as PC Gamer and The Verge.

The build site is a must for anyone who wants to create a custom PC from scratch, or who wants a customized gaming rig.

Bob’s custom PCs are built using AIGAS patented custom PCB design.

The custom PCBs use the same 3D printed parts as the stock PC board, with the exception of the display, which is manufactured by another company, AIC.

The Build Your Your Own awards also recognise some of the most well known custom PC builders in the world, including Asus, Asus Maximus IV X, Cooler Master, MSI, MSI ROG and Razer.

Bob the builder also received a Best in Show award at last year’s Build Your Build event.

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