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Posted January 27, 2019 05:07:58  A $2.5 million mosque in New Jersey has been built in China, with the work being funded by the US, according to a local media report.

 It comes amid mounting tensions between the two countries over disputed islands in the South China Sea.

The $500 million mosque was built by a Chinese company in the US state of New Jersey and will be built in a suburb of Hoboken.

It will house a mosque, the first mosque in the state, as well as schools and offices for the local school district.

The mosque is part of a $2 billion project to build a new mosque in a neighbouring province, which is also home to a Chinese firm.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has expressed concern that the $2bn project could cause the US to lose its strategic position in the region.

Christie also announced last month that he had vetoed a bill that would have granted $300m in US military aid to New Jersey in the event of an armed conflict with China.