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Updated November 13, 2020 08:37:14The dragon was the most powerful of the three dragons that ruled the kingdom of Wales for over a millennium before the reign of King James I. The story goes that the dragon flew into the air on a flying chariot, which was then captured by the Welsh people.

It was this dragon that led to the birth of King Alfred the Great, who was born from a dragon egg and named after Alfred, the father of King Edward the Confessor.

King Alfred and his father King Edward The Confessor are pictured in 1564.

Source: BBC News (2)It was also during this period that the first dragon came into Wales and the first known dragons were seen. 

At the time, King Alfred and the Welsh king, William of Normandy, were battling over the control of the kingdom.

King Edward was the rightful king of England and Wales, so he had the upper hand in the conflict.

The Welsh were angry that they were not considered equal to the rest of England.

In response, William sent a dragon into the English seas.

The dragon was captured and taken back to England.

In 1494, the dragon arrived in Wales and its first attack was a massive one.

The Welsh were afraid that they would lose control and lose the battle.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in the background.

The dragon then attacked the Welsh and killed Henry the Confessors brother, Sir Walter.

The dragon, however, was saved by Arthur and Queen Mary of Scots, who had escaped from England with the help of the Knights.

King Henry the Confessor is pictured in 1498.Source