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A Minecraft game developer has stopped supporting the game’s creators, citing concerns about copyright law and threats of litigation from players.

“When Minecraft is no longer being supported by Mojang, it means Mojang is no more and Mojang’s rights and freedoms will be lost,” Mojang CEO Jens Axboe told the Financial Times.

“We can no longer guarantee the continued development and support of the game, which we believe is essential for our continued success.”

A screenshot of the official Mojang site, showing a message announcing the closure of Mojang.

(Mojang) Mr Axboes announcement comes as Mojang has faced legal action over allegations that it was behind a number of fake sites created by the alleged creators of the popular online game.

Mojang was also accused of failing to disclose payments it made to two of the alleged developers of the scam.

In August, a US court ruled that the developers of Minecraft must pay the money from its coffers, which it had collected through fraudulent means.

A trial was set to start on Tuesday.

Mojangs main game, Minecraft, was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November 2011.

Mojlang, which translates to “game”, was released in March 2013.

“In the future, we plan to stop supporting Mojang,” Mr Axbos statement said.

“Our legal team is currently considering a number options, but we believe it is essential that Mojang be terminated immediately.

We do not wish to lose any customers, which are the very people that we work so hard to attract to our game.”

Mojang founder Markus Persson also issued a statement on the company’s website: “We’re not here to defend Minecraft or our game, we’re here to stop Mojang from using the Minecraft name and image in a malicious way, including using the Mojang name and logo in their advertisements.”