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As the race neared its conclusion, Erediva fans were being offered a glimpse into what lay ahead of them.

Eredivalas fans gathered at the Stade de Stade in Brussels and took part in a special celebration for the Belgian riders who won their respective races. 

Eredivas fans sang songs from the series and watched the team celebrate with drinks. 

The riders, who won the Belgian national title in 2017, also gathered at a team-building event in the same venue. 

 The race was also a way to celebrate their Belgian team, who also finished second in the Tour de France last year. 

Eredivision de Eredevillas Eduardo Cunha (BMC) (Photo: Johan Van der Breggen/Team Sky)Erediva’s team was in second place at the Tour and finished third overall in the race. 

There were more than 20,000 Eredavista fans in the city centre during the race, which was held in front of the Louvre. 

At the end of the race in front the Loupe de l’Alger, fans were invited to the finish line, where the race leader was waiting. 

After the race finished, the crowd took pictures with the Belgian team’s jersey and jersey-clad riders, as well as a sign reading “Boys to be Boys, Girls to be Girls.” 

It was also one of the last times Eredivo fans could take part in the Belgian races.

Eredivas jersey (Image: JohAN Van der Bremme/Getty Images)In the final race, the Eredo team finished in second to BMC in the final stage, where they will compete against the likes of Bora-Hansgrohe and Trek-Segafredo for the overall win. 

BMC finished in fourth overall, just behind the Belgian teams. 

In the past few years, Eredo has been a strong team in the E-Day race, with the EBRD and FDJ having won the ECR title in the past two years. 

Last year, EBRDs team won the race with three wins from four riders.