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Posted November 06, 2018 07:31:03 A developer is planning to construct a credit building in the neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem district.

It is not the first time that the project has been brought forward.

In 2014, the same developer built a similar building in a neighborhood in East Jerusalem called Yitzhar, with a different name.

It was completed in May of that year.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the new project is a refranchising project for an existing building in Jabel Makaber.

This means that the building will serve as an extension of the original building.

The developer said that it is in the process of preparing permits for the construction.

The project is still under construction, and the building is still on the drawing board, but the plans call for a project that will include offices, retail and a hotel.

In addition to offices, the project will include a hotel and restaurant.

“The plan is to build a building that is not just a retail space but a building for a hotel,” said Eitan Maimon, director of the building planning office at the Planning Department.

Maimon noted that this project is not a commercial project.

“We are not looking to make a profit,” he said.

“But the building should not be just a residential building.”

Construction will start in 2020, with the completion of the project expected by 2021.

According of the planning department, the building project will bring the number of residential units in the area to around 400.

The developers are also planning on creating a second commercial building in addition to the residential project, with more than 300 units.

The building will also be located at the intersection of East Jerusalem’s Shatila Street and the Gush Etzion junction.

According the plan, the residential building will have a total floor area of 450 square meters.

A total of 1,000 square meters will be devoted to offices.

“This will be a building with more office space than in any other building in Ein Karneh and in the whole of Jerusalem,” said Maimon.

The new project will not be connected to the original one.

However, the developers said that they plan to connect the two projects through a bridge connecting the two buildings.

Construction of the new building will take place in phases.

“Each phase will consist of one floor and two floors,” Maimon said.

The first phase will be completed in 2020 and the second phase will take up to 2021.

A final report will be released in 2022.

According on the plan the developers are working with a construction company called M-2 Architects.

M-1 Architects has a number of commercial and residential projects in Israel, including a residential development in Jerusalem.

It also built a large hotel in the West Bank.

“Our project is unique in that it will have its own street, its own roof,” M-5 Architects said.

MAMON: The project does not include a store, and there will be no entry fees for visitors.

Construction will begin in 2020.

MAMI: Maimon emphasized that the developers do not intend to increase the amount of tenants in the new commercial building, as this is a residential project.

M AMON: MAMI emphasized that there is no additional rent for the tenants, and that the construction of the hotel and retail will not add any new costs.

The plan calls for a total area of approximately 500 square meters and the total area will be 600 square meters when the first phase is completed.

MAMA: The first floor of the residential development will be an office space and retail space, with up to 120 apartments.

M ama stressed that this is not part of the retail component of the plan.

MAMS: “This is not related to the retail concept of the proposal.

This is not about a store,” MAMI said.

After the first floor, the second floor will be residential with up for rent apartments, a hotel, and offices.

The hotel will also provide hotel accommodations for a certain number of guests.

“There will be at least 120 apartments,” M AMA said.

This will be built for about 200 guests.

Mam said that the retail part of MAMI will be similar to that of the commercial development, in that there will also have a store.

However this will be on the second level, with between 70 and 80 retail spaces.

M Ama also emphasized that construction will not increase the number or number of tenants.

M AMA: The retail portion of M AM A MA will have no entrance fees, and it will not have any rent charged to the tenants.

The retail part will have about 200 units.

Mamm emphasized that this will not include any stores.

The second floor of this commercial project will be connected with the existing residential building, and will have between 75 and 90 units.

In this phase, M AM MA will be the second tier of the development.

The development will

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