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A Republican presidential candidate who has long said he wants to build a border wall with Mexico has signed an executive order that would pay $50 billion to build and operate a construction company to do so.

President Donald Trump signed an order Monday, ordering the construction of a $50.6 billion building contractor to construct the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The new contract will pay for a new, five-story, glass-and-steel tower and a second complex for a mobile home park, as well as construction of infrastructure such as bridges, roads and water and sewer lines, according to a release from the Trump transition office.

Construction will begin later this year, and the project will be completed by 2027, the release said.

The contract was signed by Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, a longtime Republican, in a ceremony at the White House.

Trump’s order also calls for construction of the border wall in four stages: construction in 2019; construction in 2021; construction starting in 2022; and construction beginning in 2024.

It would be the first time that Trump has directed federal funding to build the wall in the same year that it’s funded, said Republican Rep. Justin Amash, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

He said the timing of the order was particularly important given the lack of agreement among the administration and congressional Republicans on the best strategy to secure the border and protect U.