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The world’s first boat to swim across the Atlantic and its homeport in Bermuda is getting its first big test in New York City.

The New York Times has reported that a Chinese boat will join the fleet of ships already operating in the waters off New Jersey.

The boat, which is not officially known as a sailing boat, will sail under the guidance of a team of Chinese sailors in a test of the company’s deepwater sailing technology.

The Times said the vessel, which will be called the Shenzhen Zhaofeng, will be capable of speeds of up to 16 knots.

It is expected to take about 30 days to complete the test, according to the Times.

It will be the first Chinese sailing boat to enter the Atlantic, according the New York Daily News.

The Shenzhen is not the first boat Chinese sailing companies have built in the Caribbean.

The Chinese government has also built two other boats.

Both have had trouble sailing, however, and China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology did not comment on the reports of the Shenyang.

The vessels have a range of 1,500 nautical miles.

The Zhaogeng is not expected to make a profit, the Times reported.

The boats were built in Shenzhen by China’s China Maritime Shipping Co., which is part of the state-owned China National Shipbuilding Corporation.

Shenzhen has a long history of sailing vessels.

In the 1930s, the city was the first city in China to construct a city-wide boat factory, and its shipbuilding company was instrumental in the development of sailing ships.

China has built some 200 boats since then.