Bob The Builder-pc Builder-building

The Nautiluss Builders, a group of builders in the Los Angeles Valley, announced on Tuesday that it has completed a $20 million building program for its first-ever Bob the Builders.

The $20.6 million program is the culmination of a four-year, $1.4 billion investment plan that the Nautils built for the builders’ new company, Nautilities Building Company, based in the Hollywood Hills.

The company will build affordable, sustainable housing for the city of Inglewood, which is home to the Los Angels Angels baseball team.

The goal of the project is to bring more affordable housing to the city, said Bob Bovell, CEO of Nautility Building Company.

The $20,000-a-month, one-bedroom, one bathroom apartment is located on a one-acre lot in the heart of the Inglewoods shopping district.

“We have been in the building industry for over 50 years,” Boveell said.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for us.”

The Inglewards new home will be the first Nautiles first home built in the city.

“Inglewood is a very diverse community,” said Nautily Building Company president Steve Tressell.

“This project will provide affordable housing and a place to live for our community and our residents.”

The construction team includes the Inglesby family, with Steve and Debbie Tressel, who bought the property and have been working with the Ingelsons to build affordable housing.

“This is a community where everyone is welcomed,” Debbie Trensel said.

“The Inglesbys love their neighborhood and they’re very supportive,” Steve Trensell said.

The Ingelsby family bought the building in 2013.

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