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Metal garage building is a building type introduced in Terraria.

Metal garage structures are built from ore blocks that are found in the Nether.

Metal buildings can only be built with ore blocks.

There are no crafting materials to craft these buildings.

They require a level 10 Carpenter’s Hammer to craft.

The only way to create metal structures in the game is by combining them with other materials and using a hammer.

Metal structures are found mainly in the Blacksmithing section of the Terracotta Factory, and are used to craft all types of metal.

Metal works in tandem with other blocks, as it can be crafted into various items.

Metal is one of the most versatile materials in the world of Terraria, as you can combine it with other types of materials and use them to craft items.

This makes it a great source of resources to craft and to make.

There is no crafting cost to creating metal structures.

When you are done crafting a metal structure, the metal structure will also become an item, allowing you to use it in other crafting recipes.

Metal will degrade over time, and will eventually become scrap, so you will need to be careful to keep the metal structures going as long as possible.