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Metal building houses in Co Donegal now up a hundred years old.

The building is the result of a long-term process of demolition, and is the culmination of a two-year project by the city council to reclaim land to create a “new community”.

It is one of many projects to reclaim and redevelop the land over the past three years.

The council is now considering proposals to demolish existing buildings and convert the site into mixed-use housing.

The project was a long time coming for the city of Co Tippersary.

It started in 2001 with a vision to create new housing, said Mayor Patrick Walsh.

“This is not just about housing, it’s about the city becoming a city with people and a community of people.”

It started off with a simple idea to create an affordable and accessible community to support the people who live there.

“We were thinking about people in our area who are very low income, people who have no place to go, people with no income and no means of support,” he said.

“We were looking at the problems and we wanted to look at solutions to those problems.”

It took six years and over 10,000 proposals before the council decided to move forward with the scheme.

It was the culmination, in part, of a year long study, which took a number of approaches to the problem.

It came to a final decision on April 14.

“It was a hard decision,” Walsh said.

It’s now being taken up by the State Government. “

The council has put forward a proposal for the site, and it has got the support of the community and we are looking forward to this.”

It’s now being taken up by the State Government.

It’s expected to be complete by the end of 2020.

The site has been rezoned for industrial purposes and the site will be put on the National Land Registry.

It is now a commercial and industrial property.

The council said it has put in place a process to identify vacant properties and to create the right mix of housing, and to identify and secure suitable sites.

It will be built in three phases, with the first two being completed in 2019 and the last one being completed by 2020.