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The zoo is located in the southern city of Sao Paulo, a former rubber plantation, and was built by the Portuguese colonialists to house monkeys and other animals.

It was eventually converted into a zoo.

But the primates are still being bred.

A group of researchers from the University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, has been monitoring the animals for years.

They are not well cared for, and their genetic makeup is highly variable.

And they are in danger of extinction.

It’s a risk that they are taking.

“I think there are many reasons why the population is at such high levels,” said David W. Prentice, a geneticist at Harvard University.

The number of primates in the zoo has increased by about 1,000 animals in the past five years.

And the zoo’s staff have to deal with a lot of people and a lot more competition from people wanting to have more babies.

“The monkeys are the most dangerous thing on the planet,” Prentice said.

“And we have to keep them safe.”

The zoo was built as a breeding ground for monkeys and guinea pigs, which were used to produce the drug zuilen, which is used to treat malaria.

The monkeys are kept in a large enclosure that is filled with mud and grass, with a large cage to hold them.

The zoo has a large plastic fence around it, so they can’t roam freely.

“There is no room to move.

And I have to watch them to make sure they don’t move, because it’s a trap,” Prentices said.

If they do, they can be killed.

“We are looking for signs of disease,” he said.

Some of the monkeys are still in cages.

Prentices believes the current situation is a case of breeding with the animals, a common practice in Brazil, and he said he was concerned that there is no guarantee that the monkeys will survive.

He said he has a lot to learn about the zoo.

“You know, it is like we lived in a zoo,” he told National Geographic.

“It’s a zoo.”

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