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After the 2017 NFL Draft, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which any team would pass on the opportunity to land a quarterback with the talent to become a franchise quarterback.

That’s the problem the Cleveland Browns found in the 2018 draft.

With the Cleveland Free Press’ John Breitenbach and John Clayton reporting, the Browns are getting back to their core players with picks No. 7 and No. 8, giving them the ability to pick from among the best prospects in this year’s class.

Cleveland’s first two picks are wide receivers Josh Doctson and Kenny Britt, and quarterback Derek Carr, who has a history of success as a passer.

In a draft that features several high-end quarterbacks, Cleveland landed Doctson in the top of the second round.

He will be an unrestricted free agent next spring, so he could potentially sign elsewhere.

The Browns have been waiting for Doctson to develop into a full-time starter, and they’ll likely use him in the role.

He could help set up the Browns offense in the passing game, where they’ll need to move the ball with a running game.

The Browns’ pick is also a steal, as it’s the second straight year the team went back to its top picks in order to take a player like Doctson.

They also landed Britt in the first round, a first-round talent.

The Cleveland Browns have gone back to the drawing board and found a quarterback in Derek Carr.

(Getty Images)A year ago, the Cleveland Indians selected Christian Hackenberg in the second and third rounds, respectively.

While the Indians did not have the best record at the time, they had a good chance of landing the top pick.

Instead, they chose Ohio State quarterback Christian Hackenburg.

Hackenberg has an elite arm, and he could be the difference-maker in Cleveland’s offense, but it will take a long time for him to become the full-fledged starter.

The Indians will need to figure out how to utilize him, and a long-term solution will likely come in the draft.

The free-agent signee is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ top overall pick, No. 17 overall.

The Cavs’ draft is still in progress, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Andrew Greif reported that they are still in the process of picking a starting quarterback.

The Cavs are expected to select Oklahoma State’s Baker Mayfield in the fourth round.

Mayfield is a strong option, but he won’t be the answer to the Cleveland offense.

Cleveland could use help with the passing games, and Mayfield could help them get the ball to the right player quickly.

Mayweather will also need time to develop, which is why the Browns should wait until the draft to make a move.

The draft has a long way to go before the Browns will be able to select a quarterback.

It is likely that the team will go back to one of the top quarterbacks in the country, as the Browns have a high ceiling on what they can accomplish on offense.