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If you’ve been to Boston’s TD Garden, you know the Stanley Cup is always there.

And with the Red Sox having won their first three Stanley Cups since the 1970s, there’s a chance that’s exactly what they’ll do.

And while you can’t get it here, you can get a trophy in the Boston area.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get your own Boston-area trophy: 1.

Find a souvenir shop that specializes in the Bruins and Red Sox 2.

Take a tour of the Stanley Cups’ museum, where they are held and you can buy them for $30-$40, depending on the size of your trophy.


Take one for the team you’re celebrating with.

If you’re the Red Wings or Penguins, head to the arena for a team photo and get a signed photo with your team’s mascot.4.

Make sure you don’t miss out on a chance to get some Stanley Cup candy from a local shop.

The Red Sox have a large candy collection, and their candy shop is one of the few in the city that specializes.

If your favorite team has one, ask them for a bag of Red Sox candy and a souvenier.5.

Take your souvenir to a Boston restaurant to receive your trophy in a special presentation.

The Stanley Cup can be purchased in the lobby of any Boston restaurant for $20 or $25.6.

Enjoy the night with your teammates and your fans in the Stanley Stadium area of the arena.

Here are some of the locations where you can go: Stanley Stadium, Fenway Park, TD Garden and Boston Garden7.

If there are no souvenir shops in your area, make your way to one of these places.

Boston Beer Company is one such company that will give you a gift certificate to take your Stanley Cup to a game on the road.8.

If all of these steps are not enough, consider buying your Stanley Cups in a local store.

You can find them in any sports bar or store near you.

For more information on the Stanley Trophy, visit the page.