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Build a house using your own tools, supplies and materials.

But how do you do it?

That’s the question posed in the new book, Sylas Build, by Xin Zhao, the co-founder of Chinese internet giant Alibaba.

In the book, Zhao, a professor of engineering at the China Institute of Technology, outlines how he and his team created a home-building platform that uses “sylas” — a building materials that are “designed for a specific purpose,” he said.

The material is used to build all sorts of projects from furniture to appliances to small buildings.

Sylas are essentially a kind of “super glue,” Zhao said, meaning they stick together to form a product, such as a house.

That makes it easy to build, and that makes it hard to tear down.

Syas are made of a type of polymer called polypropylene.

It’s the same material that’s used in a lot of building materials and construction materials, Zhao said.

He and his colleagues made the material with the help of Alibaba.

Syles have also been used for other applications, such the production of fiberglass and plastic, Zhao added.

But Zhao said the company didn’t build a large-scale Sylas building for the first time, and didn’t have a lot in the way of funding to build the first big one.

He and his co-founders decided to go big, Zhao explained.

They wanted to build one that could be built anywhere, and they wanted to have a platform that could scale from a small factory to a larger one.

The team had to do all the research and design work in China and other countries.

To make their design work, they used Alibaba’s “synergy” platform, a platform where they can buy materials and tools.

The platform allows them to buy materials from Alibaba and get them into the hands of the people who need them, Zhao told CNNMoney.

Zhao said they spent a lot time looking for materials that would work well with the building materials.

“The more materials we look for, the more we can find them,” he told CNN.

“We are looking at everything we can.”

To get a hold of the materials they needed, the team looked into online auctions and found products they wanted.

They had to search through the internet for the right materials, but they found many of them online.

They went to local suppliers to look for the materials, and to find suppliers who could give them materials.

For example, one supplier told them about a “polypropylene sylumen.”

The material was made from polypropyleneglycol, which Zhao said is the same polyester that’s commonly used for building paper and other paper products.

The company sells the material at a low price because it’s not as durable as other types of polyproprene.

They used it to build their Sylas, Zhao says.

The team was able to buy the material from the supplier, Zhao and his wife, Zhan Yu.

They bought about 30,000 cubic yards of the material, Zhao noted.

That’s a lot for a house, but Zhao and company say they were able to build it in just about three months.

“That’s very rapid,” Zhao told Business Insider.

“There’s no time limit.”

The materials they used included polypropane, polyethylene, polyester, polypropoxyphene and polyethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.

“It’s a little more expensive than what you would normally buy for that, but you’re still paying less than what they charge,” Zhao added, noting that the materials are very durable.

Zam said the materials cost about $50 per cubic yard.

The materials were sourced from China, so the team used a lot more of them than they would normally.

“If you were going to do that kind of thing, you’d be doing it in a factory,” Zhao explained, “or you’d have to use a lot less materials.”

The team is still working on building the next Sylas house, Zhao acknowledged.

But he said the first house is still “pretty cool.”