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Posted June 20, 2018 07:00:15 The building that will hold your house and your car, or even your dog.

Building a bear in metal is no joke, and it’s not cheap.

In the U.S., building a bear requires a $25,000 construction plan and the cost of its components, which are all metal.

It takes an additional $1,400 for a full set of bear-specific tools and equipment, and $2,400 to install a roof.

The process takes a year and requires a little luck, so there’s no guarantee it’ll turn out as you’d hoped.

You’re going to need to be very patient, too.

“I’ve seen it go from a six-figure purchase to a six-, seven-, eight-figure investment,” said Tom Pyle, founder and chief financial officer of Pyle Design Group.

Pyle designed the bear for a home that he bought for $2.5 million in 2004.

The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It has two baths and two decks.

The building is built on a single lot with a six foot wide lot line.

The lot line runs north to south.

Piles of dirt and concrete are used to build the floor, walls, ceiling, and flooring.

There’s a kitchenette, a pantry, and a bathroom.

The bear has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and three decks.

Pile also built a metal bear for his wife, who lives in an older house that’s not as big as his.

“We had a really big problem with the ceilings,” Pyle said.

“The ceilings were so low that I could not go up and down the stairwell.”

He had to build a second floor.

“If you’re building a car, you don’t want to do that,” Pile said.

He wanted a bear with a larger footprint.

PILES OF DOOM “We built a Bear for a $2 million house,” Piles said.

Pilar Pyle and her husband, Tom Pylas, built a bear that can accommodate two adults and four children in its spacious, four-bedroom home.

It was a six, seven, or eight-year project.

“It took about six months to build,” Pylases said.

It took a year to assemble the house.

“This is my first time building something with this much attention and so much attention paid to the details,” Pylon Pyle added.

“For us, it was about putting a roof on a two-story building.”

Piles spent nearly $1 million to build his bear.

“When you build something with so much love and so little money, it’s just not sustainable,” he said.

The bears are so small that it takes a little time to get the whole building done.

“You have to have enough space for the whole bear to fit on the floor,” Pils said.

There is an elevator to allow people to lift the bear, but Piles says there are only four people in the bear.

Pylayss wife had to wait until she was finished with the first bear to leave the house for the next bear to arrive.

The Pyles plan to build another bear in the future.

Pilars construction of the Bear in the Wood is a perfect example of the pitfalls of a DIY project.

There are no plans to go to the local lumber yard or the big-box stores to buy the lumber and build it.

PYLAS: “If we don’t do it right, the bear won’t be worth anything,” he added.

Pyless wife is the one who is responsible for making sure the bear is well built.

“A bear needs to be strong and capable.

It needs to have a solid base and be sturdy enough to survive on its own,” he explained.

“And we know that’s a hard thing to get right.”

“There’s only one way to build an animal, and that’s by building it yourself,” Pyles said.

If you’re interested in learning more about building your own bear, check out this guide.

You can also read our previous story about building a bison.

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