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Built Direct offers a credit card with built-in insurance, and its credit score guarantees that you won’t have to worry about credit card fraud.

The credit card also has built-into insurance that helps protect against credit card theft.

Built Direct also offers a $1,000 introductory payment, and if you’re a family of four, you get a $2,000 statement credit and $1 million in annual fee credits.

The card’s built-ins include: A credit rating of AA, AAA, AA+ , and AAA+Plus , and it also has an annual fee credit.

BuiltDirect offers $1.20 in annual fees and $50 in statement credits for customers who have more than $5,000 in annual debt on the card.

You get a built-on credit score from and a built in insurance from built direct insurance.

The built-out insurance includes an annual deductible of $25,000, and you get to keep the remaining balance if you need it.

BuiltDirect has built in credit cards that have been approved by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

They have a $200 credit bonus for paying in full within 60 days of signing up, and an $800 credit bonus if you pay in full after 60 days.

They also offer $1 monthly credit to people who have $10,000 or more in outstanding balances, with the first $1 worth of purchases covered.

For more information on building direct, check out their site here.