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Chrysler building kits include foundation building components that can be used to construct structures such as buildings, said Richard Sussman, president of the American Institute of Architects, who spoke at a news conference at the company’s headquarters in Detroit.

The kits come with tools for building a variety of buildings.

A kit of the first kits comes with 12 feet of 1/2-inch concrete pipe, 4 feet of 2-inch reinforced concrete, 3 feet of 4-inch wood, 1 foot of 4 inches metal and 1 foot 3 inches galvanized steel.

The other kits include 12 feet 1/4-inch pipe, 1-foot-long 1-inch galvanized concrete pipe and 1-feet 1-millimeter concrete pipe.

Sussmans said the kits will help architects develop the building materials for their projects, while the building manufacturers will have the opportunity to sell the products.

He said building kits that include foundation materials are needed in most buildings.

He declined to name any of the buildings where the building kits are included, but said he did not think that was a problem.

He also did not specify what building materials were used in the building.

He added that some buildings have been designed to withstand earthquakes and other disasters.

For example, a building built in a quake-prone area in California would not be as strong as one built on a beach in Florida.

A building built for a building earthquake in a coastal town in New England would be weaker than one built in an industrial city in the U.S. building kit components have also been used in other projects, including the construction of the National Library of Medicine building in Washington, D.C., and the National Institutes of Health building in Bethesda, Maryland.