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Woolworth Building Supply and Talon Construction will close their doors this year. 

“It’s been an incredible journey over the last four years and we’re incredibly grateful to have had so much support from all of our stakeholders over the years,” Woolworth’s CEO David Kettler said in a statement. 

They’ll close down for the last time on June 2, 2018. 

Their last day will be June 6, 2018 at 7 p.m. 

The company’s final day will also be a special day for the company. 

On June 2 at 7:00 p.s.m., Woolworth will honor the legacy of its founder and founder, Sir John Woolworth, and its first owner, George Woolworth. 

This will be followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony, and the company will then reopen in the building that Woolworth once owned. 

A special celebration will be held for Woolworth employees, as well as its community, on June 3. 

Woolworth will also honor its longtime founder and chairman, Sir Peter Wood, on the last day of its life. 

There will be no new buildings in the company’s new facilities. 

Talon will continue to be the official contractor for Woolie and its Woolworth buildings, including the new Woolworth Tower, Woolworth City Centre, and Woolie Park, and will continue its partnership with Woolworth on projects around the world. 

With the company now shuttered, Talon is the last company Woolworth has ever had to compete with. 

And that’s the good news. 

It means the end of Woolworth in the U.K. In its heyday, Woolie was the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, and it was the country’s largest brick and mortar building contractor. 

By the late 1970s, it had fallen into a financial crisis, and in the early 1980s, the company went under. 

Then, as the U,S.

and Europe came under increased scrutiny, Woolies stock price skyrocketed, and a wave of foreign investors began pouring into the U., making it a much bigger business. 

So the company, which had been in the United Kingdom since 1927, was taken over by a consortium of Chinese and Japanese investors in the late 1990s. 

Over the next 20 years, the companies assets, assets and profits were all restructured and merged into a new company called Woolworth Construction Holdings. 

As Woolworths new ownership structure changed, it came under scrutiny by regulators and the government. 

For example, in 2001, the U-K.

Government ordered Woolworth to put a stop to the dumping of its waste into waterways, and also ordered Woolies management to conduct environmental and health reviews of its buildings. 

To combat the allegations, Wools management made changes to its internal management. 

However, Woolshire also had to comply with the European Union’s rules on environmental protection, and that meant Woolworth had to stop dumping its waste. 

But that didn’t stop it from continuing dumping waste into the environment. 

What happens next is unclear. 

Both Woolworth and Talons directors have previously said that they want to keep working together. 

After years of criticism from the environmental group, the International Maritime Organisation, and local communities, Woolwood and Talens management finally decided to give the company a chance to work out a solution, and this year, the European Court of Justice ruled that Wools waste dumping was illegal. 

That ruling was appealed by Woolworth Management and Talen Construction, which will now be allowed to continue to dump waste into water bodies, as it is already permitted to do under the EU rules. 

Meanwhile, Talons owner, Woolson, continues to sue the UK Government over environmental rules.

The company has said that the environmental laws have not changed, and has filed a petition with the Supreme Court of the U to challenge the ruling. 

I’m sure the company can figure out a way to fix it, but that’s not something we can accept. 

If Talons management has any way of making it work, the environmental concerns that Woolson and Woolwork face will continue, and we may never know what Woolworth is up to.

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