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Computer builders and hobbyists around the world have been building their own smartphones using Raspberry Pis and a bunch of USB cables for years.

They’ve come up with all sorts of crazy ways to turn your Raspberry Pi into a phone, including a Raspberry Pi-powered mini-tablet that runs Google’s Android operating system, and even a Raspberry-powered Android phone that runs a full version of Android.

But now, a new crowdfunding campaign has raised over $25,000 to make a more robust smartphone for the Raspberry Pi 3.

In order to do so, you need to have a Raspberry Pis 3 and some other parts.

The campaign, called Raspberry Pi3Phone, has raised more than $50,000 so far, and it’s already surpassed its initial goal of $15,000.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, low-power computer that you can plug into any computer.

It’s been around since the late 1980s, and there are plenty of models available.

The Pi 3 is different from its predecessors in that it’s powered by an ARM-based microprocessor and runs the Raspberry Linux operating system.

The Pi 3Phone can run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android, and can even be used to connect to a TV.

If you have a compatible smartphone, you can also connect it to a Pi and play Angry Birds or the latest video game.

There are plenty more cool projects on the RaspberryPi3Phone’s page, but here are a few of our favorites:Here’s what it looks like on the Pi3:And here’s what the Pi looks like running Android on it:The Pi3 Phone is compatible with a wide variety of Android smartphones, including the OnePlus 2, Xiaomi Redmi 2, and Sony Xperia XZ Premium, as well as some of the most popular Chromebooks and Windows 10 laptops.