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The most realistic, fastest build in the 2018 build of the Amumu Syndra is one of the fastest, most detailed, most expensive and most technically challenging builds in the show so far. 

It’s not only the most detailed build to date, but also the most expensive one to date. 

Its a build by the team behind the Amu Synda.

The Syndra builds are designed to be used in a variety of scenarios and require the use of three different building blocks, a single floor and a wall.

The first Syndra was built for a wedding ceremony in the UK in 2013 and the second one in Japan in 2015.

It took the team around 12 months to build the entire house and the final build took four months to complete.

The Syndra’s design is a work in progress. 

The Synda builds are a combination of modular pieces that can be connected to create a structure.

Each piece can be attached to the wall and the wall can be added to the base of the building, or it can be detached from the wall, creating a roof. 

There are three main types of building blocks: the structural modules, which can be built with just one piece; the building blocks which can have multiple sections; and the components, which include walls, floors and roofing.

The structural modules are made up of a base block and three walls, with the roof at the top. 

Building Blocks: The structural module is the base block. 

Each structural module has four parts: a base plate, two base supports and two supports to support the roof.

The support supports are connected to each other using two bolts, two screws and a pulley system. 

To create the roof, the roof support plates have to be supported by two bolts and two screws to form the roofing support plate. 

This system can be used to form an open roof or a curved roof.

A roofing supports can be made up to seven pieces, allowing the Syndra to build a wide variety of roofs and roofs can be created with a variety and variety of shapes. 

A roof is attached to the top of the structural module. 

Brick Wall: Bricks are a common building material. 

They are made of bricks and can be either concrete or brickwork. 

In the Synda, the bricks are made out of a type of steel called Aluminium-Nanotube, which is an alloy made up mostly of aluminium and silicon. 

Silicon is used to make the nano-structures of buildings like the roof and supports. 

These are then separated into individual blocks, which can be glued together. 

Buildings can also have wall stucco built into them to add some natural texture to the build. 

Roofing: Rooms can be constructed with a number of different building materials, including stone, wood, glass, metal and fibreboard. 

Metal panels can be bolted to the top of the house and then attached to a wall using screws, nails and screws. 

Glass can be installed onto the building to add a glazing effect. 

Fibreboards can be used to add a natural feel to the house. 

 These panels are separate from the structural modules. 

Flooring:The floors are made from wood or plastic panels, or a combination. 

Plastic flooring is used for a variety, such as a patio, living room or bedroom. 

Wood floors can be stacked on top of each other and the walls can be fitted to the building with bolts, screws and nails. 

All floors can be cut out and assembled, including a floor slab. 

For the roof , the roofing module has to be cut out and the roof can be cut and assembled. 

As well as the structural components, the Syndras roof also includes a building platform that can be lifted and lowered to make use of the roof space. 

An elevator can be accessed by using a rope and a climb bridge. 

Shelter: Building a shelter is a common aspect of many Syndra projects. 

Although shelters are usually built from concrete, they can also be made from other materials, such steel, steel plates or wood. 

When using a shelter, it is important to take care to use the right materials. 

Steel and steel plates are used to form snowflakes, salt and oil panels are used for insulation and shingles are used to create a fireproof house. 

Other materials such as glass, aluminium, metal and fibreboard 

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