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The first time we saw Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth’s new superhero team-up, The Batman and Robin, the pair were in a car with a white and blue costume that looked like a mix of the DC superhero and the superhero movie.

They looked super-cool, so we asked the pair about their motivations for getting together and working together.

The Batman is a vigilante and a member of the Justice League of America, which was created to protect Gotham City.

He is also a member, of course, of the Batman Family.

Batman is the most popular character in the world and is loved by fans.

His alter-ego is Robin, and his alter-lego is Batgirl.

So he is kind of the most well-known of the superheroes.

And the other character, Batman, has a more obscure character called Robin, which is sort of his sidekick.

So we were thinking, well, what is his sidekicks name?

And we started thinking, he has no name.

And so we were like, oh, that’s kind of fun.

So now we have a name, but we can’t quite figure out what it is.

But the other thing about Batman is he’s also sort of a part of a family, which we have not really explored.

So when we first saw Bruce and Alfred’s costumes, we thought it was just sort of fun to be able to show them and say, okay, this is how they look together.

And then we were able to create a little bit of a relationship.

The character of Bruce Wayne is a very recognizable person, so the two of them had a lot of character to play.

And it’s very much like a part-time job for these two.

So for those of you who were wondering, yes, the Batman and Batman Family is based on the DC comic book series The Batman.

And that’s why we call the movie Batman and the Robin, because that’s the name that they use for the entire Batman Family, including their sidekick, Alfred Pennyworthy.

And you can check out our video interview with Batman and Alfred, or watch the first few minutes of the new movie below: